Saturday, March 30, 2013


Well, it's time for a redo. It's been more than a year and her vision is still not 20/20. We'll have to find some time and make an appointment with the doctor. The good thing is this should be a quicker and painless touch up which shouldn't require as much burning of the cornea as last time.

Since I started this blogs, I know of two of our friends who went to Dr. Furlong. One person didn't didn't achieve 20/20 either after the first few months. However, the second person achieved 20/20 the next day! Both had -6 or above near nearsightedness. It just goes to show that there are too many random variables to be able to predict immediate 20/20 success.

If you have bad vision and are thinking of LASIK, the 20/20 guarantee is worth it. I'll update this blog as we go back for attempt #2 for 20/20 vision.


  1. Thank you for this informative blog, especially because I was already considering Dr. Hyver (whose San Ramon office is <5 mins away from my home) as well as Dr. Bindi.

    My co-worker recently underwent surgery with Dr. Furlong, whom she highly recommends between him and Dr. Bindi, so naturally I made an appointment with him as well to compare all three!

    Glad I stumbled across this blog. My biggest worry is is getting halos are starbursts at night, which seems to be a fairly common side-effect (husband, father, and stepmother all complain about it), but from what I have skimmed over, it sounds as if that can be prevented granted that a patient is a good candidate (regarding pupil size).

    Looking forward to reading about the 2nd go around! Thank you!

  2. I have stumbled upon this blog as I've been trying to research whether or not to get a touch-up after Lasik. I am about 20/25 (can't read the last line on the chart). Did the touch-up go well? Would you recommend it?