Wednesday, November 28, 2012

11/28/12 Quick Update

Quick Update:

The optometrist believe her eyes are improving after pregnancy. We'll see if she achieves 20/20 results after the next visit.

For those asking what questions they should ask their doctors, I cannot help you on that. Please read through the entire blog, educate yourself further with additional research and you will know what questions to ask. My advice may not fit your circumstance. Don't take anyone's advice wholesale and temper it with your experience and research.

Update 12/21/12: For those that I have gone through the surgery, please send me your updates in the comments. I will create a new post with your experience. I believe your experiences will be helpful for others on the fence.


  1. Wanted to pop in and leave an update for anyone curious. I commented earlier right after my surgery (with Dr. Furlong) and now that it's been 3 months and I had my final follow up appointment with my optometrist a couple of weeks ago. On my right eye, which healed perfectly, I have 20/15 vision. On my left eye which consistently had extra mucous, I have a "tiny" spot on the flap which did not heal well and means the flap is not as flat and sealed as they would like. This also means my vision is affected a little and my vision in that eye is a solid 20/20. Together I see almost 20/15 (I missed 1 letter). I still have some residual HOA but it's not annoying and doesn't get in the way of my nighttime driving. The only time I really notice is in the evenings after staring at the computer all day when my eyes are tired, I have to focus harder to read any digital clocks, like the ones on a microwave. Considering the level of vision I have and the convenience and how smoothly everything went for me, I can't recommend LASIK enough. And I personally refer my friends to Dr. Furlong because of my own experience. (My co-worker got PRK the same day with Dr. Furlong and he is also very pleased wiht his results.) Thanks KD for all the info here, it really helped me make the decision to go forward with LASIK and that was one of the best decisions I've ever made! -Liv

  2. That's great! Such a wonderful update. I have been waiting to get my ilasik for almost a year. And I am super excited that I will finally be getting it in January. I always love reading stories like these they really put me at ease.

  3. Hi Liv,

    Please keep us updated on your progress!

  4. It was a wonderful idea to develop a blog like this! I think people really need a website where they can exchange their experiences so that other people can learn from them. Keep on doing the amazing work!