Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July Update

Just a quick update here for those who are still following this.

Her eyes have not changed. She's still not able to see the last line on the chart perfectly. The doctor believes it's because she may be bloated from her pregnancy. We'll have to see if it improves after pregnancy but I have a feeling she may need to get a touch up work done next year.

She doesn't need glasses and can see fine. However, she probably doesn't even realize she can and should see much better.

Good thing we didn't go to LA to save some money. The follow up check ups and the aggravation of travel plus having to pay for the rework would have defeated any cost savings.


  1. Hi, I just wanted to give you an update - I just had my surgery this past Friday (with Dr. Furlong...went with the all laser custom procedure) and as of my day after check up, I could see 20/20 and could read a couple of the letters on the 20/15 line as well. I have the one week follow up with my own optometrist this Friday. Everything went great and I'm only sad I didn't do it sooner! Thanks again for all your info/research! Hope the pregnancy is going well!

  2. Hi Liv,

    Congrats on your successful operation! Reading the 20/15 line the day after is very impressive. You're one of the lucky few who achieved 20/15 on your first try! Everyone who I know personally who have had LASIK has never regretted the decision so I'm not surprised it turned out well for you.

    My mother is thinking of having cataract laser surgery but the doctor is refusing service until the disease fully envelope her eyes. I may research about cataract laser surgery at a later time to help her pick the right surgery and blog about it here.

    Again, congrats! LASIK is a miracle when it works right the first time!